Klara Ström (b:1990, Tanum, Sweden) is an artist based in Stockholm and Oslo. She is currently a student of the master programme in Fine Arts at Konstfack and has previously received her bachelor degree from Oslo Art Academy. Ström uses her voice, images, video, poetry and objects to examine deep structures of inner colonisation of the most personal: intimacy, love, sex, psychology and sensitivity. Touching upon subjects revolving around sex and power, she refers to popular imagery, subtle materials and sharp word combinations. Her work is gentle and pale, but also provocative and sexy. Previously her works has been

exhibited in various museums and exhibition spaces such as Malmö Konsthall, Moderna Museet Stockholm, Skånes Konstförening, Galleri Podium, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen among others.




Subject matters such as love, sex, sorrow, narcissism, awkwardness, communication and meaninglessness take big part in my work. This through a queer feministic approach with focus on questions of gender, sexuality and class. Creating and using an including language. Reclaiming power by expressing opinions and emotions through a language that does not only speak to the intellectual, or other categories of politically superior, but through one that includes the people the subject matter revolves around. Touching upon subjects revolving sex and power with references to pop music and text message communication.


Exploring the borders between the intimate and the universal through self portraits, using clichés and humor while referring to popular culture and social medias. Dealing with the works as a unity and as a body of work in constant progress or regress. In this way of working I stay in a process of evaluation and exploration of the same themes and materials. Reusing material in different variations and let repetition work as references for mantras, OCD or the thoughts in your head post break up or post embarrassing drunk night.


In my performances texts are both read and sung. Through different use of everyday language I explore how you see something as more or less meaningful depending on presentation. For example reading in Swedish about sexual abuse or emotional instability is put side by side with singing in English about heartache or masturbation. Through this I am questioning the common view of emotions as something banal and gender loaded. I explore a border where the viewer becomes a reader and the meaning of the words changes in relation to presentation through various materials, forms and fonts. Expressing thoughts around sexuality in relation to power. Examining how to be a sexual being as a person coded as female and how to posses your own sexual power, not only over other people but also over yourself. Playing with sexualising and desexualising myself in front of the camera/audience/readers/listeners and with occupying physical and virtual space.