water cycle: the ocean has lips

Master Graduation  Show

Three sculptures; marble, copper, glass, plaster, silk, pine, water colour, brass.

Voice oriented performance 15 min.

Poetry book, 34 pages.

Konstfack, Stockholm, 2018

with shoes made out of sponge to collect water like roots,

with gloves made out of net to catch fish.

the water evaporates

then gathers in clouds in the sky

travelling with the wind

when they hit the mountains

the water falls as drops to the face of the earth

pouring in to springs and streams

travelling through the porous mountains and the soil

finally it reaches the ocean

and then, evaporates again

with lips like a mouth, devour us.

with lips like a vulva, give birth to us.

The water has a cycle, the female body has a cycle, the moon has a cycle. The water evaporates, then falls down, evaporates, falls down, evaporates, falls down. Just like we drink with our mouth and pee with our vulva. Our lips. They form an O.

“My body is a speaking body, she

says, and her mouth forms an O, forms

a circle, her lips rounded.”*

*Barbara Kapusta, The O and the Zero, 2016